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PocketTime is an excellent tool for time tracking. In every professional activity where time is measured, you can rely on PocketTime. Set up your clients and projects you are involved in and you're ready to go.

Supported platforms:
  • Windows Mobile 2003
  • Pocket PC 2002
  • Pocket PC
PocketTime is weekly based which suits most time reporting perfectly.

Features include:
  • Two user-friendly views for easy registration as well as reporting
  • Track time, per customer and project
  • Track time as billable or not, along with hourly rate to get billable amount
  • Export times to Outlook Calendar and/or Tasks
  • Export times to a comma-separated file
  • Easy navigation between weeks
  • Two different screen "reports" Project summary and Period summary
  • Time, date and numeric presentations are all shown in localized format
The standard installation procedure for PocketTime is:
  1. Install PocketTime
  2. For PPC 2003 users install eVB runtime files, if a message is shown (normally in Pocket IE) that these files are required.
  3. It may even be necessary to download and install InstallControls.
Please note that not all files in these installations will be taking up space on your pda. Almost all files already exist on your pda, it's more of a check and a registration process.
PocketTime is freeware. If you would like to encourage further development, please have a look here >>.

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March 15th, 2004
Version 2.8 released.

Just download and install. No need to un-install previous version. Just make sure you install to the same location. If you are a current user of PocketTime and upgrading to PPC 2003, make sure you run the database conversion wizard.
Release notes:
Please refer to the ReadMe.txt which also is included in the downloaded zip-file for full description of all improvements and bug-fixes.

  • Start and end time now appears in List view.
  • List view is sorted on date and then start time.
  • Improved Export: Start and end time as well as price and billable information now exported.
  • All information now included in Appointment notes.
  • Exporting to Outlook calendar sets appointment start and end times if registered.
  • Customer name and Project name added to categories when exporting to Outlook calendar.
  • Added options for showing Saturday and Sunday at startup.
  • Added option for number of decimals to show in Table view.

  • Start and end times was changed when a new time was registered. Updating old items was ok.
  • Start and end times could show values from a previously opened item.
  • If File preview from Export dialog was visible and another application was switched to, PocketTime became inaccessible.
  • In table view, under certain circumstances the date could be shifted one day in Register time window.
  • Closing the Export dialog and immediately opening a registered time, would cause an ADO error.

N.B.If you have a problem running PocketTime after installation, please try installing InstallControls.
Some screen shots:
List view

Choose the classic list view, where all registered times for the current week are visible. All columns are sortable. Toggle between "Project" and "Notes" by choosing menuView->Notes.
Table view

Choose the table view, a nice overview with all times visible as well as all totals. To register time, just tap the cell where the time belongs.
Register time

Register time. Time is entered as a decimal value, e.g. 7 hours and 30 minutes is entered as 7.5 or 7,5 depending on what decimal separator your pda uses.

Start and End time values are optional, but need to correspond to the entered time value.
View menu

Various display options.
Tools menu

Period summary gives a very good overview of times worked per year, month and day. Filtering possible.
Options dialog

The new options dialog where you pick several options.
Export dialog

Export has been put in one dialog where all exporting can be done with just one tap.
Project summary

Project summary gives a very good overview of times worked per customer and project. Filtering possible. Please note the date pick option when specifying the period.
Period summary

Period summary gives a very good overview of times worked per year, month and day. Filtering possible. Please note the date pick option when specifying the period.
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